Protecting Yourself Against Auto Insurance Fraud.

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Protecting Yourself Against Auto Insurance Fraud.

Learn how to protect yourself against auto insurance fraud incase you are involved in a stagged accident.

Staged accidents.

Some fraudsters deliberately stage collisions so that they can submit insurance claims for fake injuries and auto damage. Sometimes, they have already caused extensive damage to their vehicles elsewhere, or do so later, in order to make larger claims.

More people than were actually in the vehicle will often file claims.Calling the police to the scene and getting a police report, even if there is little damage is important.

The evidence you collect at the time of the accident will give your insurance company the real story and can assist in a quicker claims process. This can be done by taking photos of the accident scene with your camera or cell phone if you are able to do so without confrontation.

Write down or use your cell phone to record as much information as you can, including:

•    Contact information for other drivers.

•    Driver’s licence numbers and licence plate numbers.

•    Record information about passengers in the other vehicle(s), their approximate ages, genders, and if possible, their contact information.

Medical fraud.

Is thoroughly. Make sure the treatments you were billed for were the treatments you received. If not, notify your insurance company. Be skeptical if your medical provider is prescribing excessive treatment for muscle sprains.Some scams involve falsifying records of treatments. This allows fraudsters to get payment for health care services that were never provided.

Keep careful records of your treatments and compare them against the invoices and statements you receive from your health care provider or from your insurance company.
If you suspect that you may be a victim or target of a scam or fraud, you can help put an end to the scam or fraud by reporting it.

Be Suspicious of Referrals at the Accident Site
Fraud collaborators at an accident scene often recommend auto body repair shops and storage facilities. They’re also keen on speaking to injured persons about recommendations for legal and health care professionals.

 Be wary if you are pressured or offered money by a tow truck operator to go to a particular body shop, lawyer, paralegal or healthcare provider. Have your vehicle repaired at a body shop that you are familiar with. If you don’t know a body shop, your insurer may have a list of preferred shops to choose from. 
File an Accident Report with the Police.

Even in a minor accident, it’s important to file an accident report with the police because you have no control over what the other persons involved in the accident will decide to do or say later. 
The accident report provides a legally documented description of what happened and can be significant in determining fault.
Speak Only With Police and Your Insurance Representative about the Accident.

Save your story for the police.

When you talk to your insurance company, provide the information you collected at the scene and let them know if you feel something suspicious.


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01 Apr 2014


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