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Some of the Basic Health Insurance Terms Defined

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Some of the Basic Health Insurance Terms Defined

We all want our health to be insured but we may not know what are the best packages that suits or fit us.Here we have tried to highlight some of the best packages that won't let you down.

  1. Accidental Death Insurance -This type of insurance is paid if the death of the policyholder results from an accident.
  2. Acute care - Expert attention that is required to restore a person to good health.
  3. Aftercare - Specialized patient services that are necessary following hospitalization or rehabilitation.
  4. Ambulatory care - This type of outpatient treatment does not require hospitalization.
  5. Benefit package - A detailed description of the policyholder's coverage under the terms of the health insurance contract.
  6. Continuation - Allows employees that have been terminated to continue their group health insurance coverage under certain conditions.
  7. Covered Expenses - Medical costs incurred when the policy holder qualifies for reimbursement
  8. Provider - individual or group of individuals that provide health care service.

While you cannot predict medical emergencies, you can prevent financial misfortune in the event of medical emergencies by purchasing health insurance and understanding your benefits and limits.

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09 Apr 2014


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