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Social Media For Insurance Agents

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Social Media For Insurance Agents

Since the founding of the insurance industry, the most successful method of converting a prospect into a customer has been establishing a personal relationship with that person. This used to be a delicate process that took a considerable amount of time, as you had to do it one person at a time.

But now, thanks to social media, you can share your message with a large audience with a single post or tweet.

But how can you leverage blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest to help make your business more successful?

Below are some ideas that will help you use these tools to improve customer acquisition, and take your relationship with existing customers to new heights.

1. Blogging 

These days, insurance companies across the country are using blogs as a marketing tool to share news about their business and the industry.

Setting up a blog is easy to do and can help build your brand, establish you as an industry expert and increase your search ability on Google but only if you keep it constantly updated.

Once your blog is up, be sure to remain focused on your blog’s theme, contribute to it regularly, and try to make your posts as keyword-rich as you can, as the content on blogs is intermittently tracked by Google.

2. Connecting through LinkedIn

If you are not already on LinkedIn, log on to www.linkedin.com and start an account as soon as you can. This is a place that business-minded people visit regularly when they want to find an expert or they need professional services.

This social media platform is a business-oriented networking tool. People give it a lot more credence than the now-outmoded phone book, which can be used to your advantage.

3. Creating a Facebook business page

Facebook is typically the social media tool that people associate with their personal friends, but the social networking also offers businesses the ability to create a page that customers can “like.”

Once someone likes your page, that person will see all the information you post on it through his or her Facebook feed.

Initially, you can create a fan base by marketing to your existing customers, but before you know it, people you did not solicit will find you and join in the conversation.

4. Promoting your social media activities through Twitter

Twitter is a great social media tool for businesses, because it allows you to connect quickly to your followers and other peers. The people you are reaching out to want to hear what you have to say. After all, they have signed up to follow you.

Because the tool limits you to 140 characters per post, a lot of companies use Twitter as a way to direct traffic to a blog, Facebook page or website where the conversation can be continued and more content can be found.

Using hash tags can help you connect to a variety of public conversations and gain more exposure.

5. Leveraging Pinterest

Pinterest is basically a virtual scrapbook of images found around the Web and categorized into groups or boards based on interests. The images, or “pins,” link back to websites that have further information and content – all users have to do is click through on the image.

For businesses, this presents a powerful opportunity to easily connect with consumers to tout values and display personality in an appealing, visual format.

If you choose to launch a social media marketing campaign, keep your plan simple, be consistent with updates and, above all else, focus on establishing relationships with current and prospective clients.

posted by Xplico Insurance Company Limited XIC LTD
01 Apr 2014


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