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How To Create A Successful Insurance Agency Culture

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How To Create A Successful Insurance Agency Culture

As you work to build up your business, it is important to keep in mind a few key fundamentals. Happy employees are productive employees; the best ideas come from those who are encouraged to spread their wings from time to time; and all work and no play makes the office a dull place to be.

Besides, you will have a much easier time recruiting new talent if people know that your agency is a great place to work because it is fun, fair and productive.

So how can you create a company culture that is fun and upbeat while at the same time runs productively?

It is not hard to do, but will require a bit of commitment on your part.

Here are five ways to do it:

1. Insurance producers should row in the same direction.

Make sure that everyone on the team understands the goals of the company and what is expected of him or her. If your team members cannot answer the questions, “What do we do?” and “How do we do it?” there is lack of cohesive functioning of the team.

A good way to get people on the same page is to post the company’s goals and mission around the office; and be creative about it. The goals can be written in block letters or calligraphy, and then framed and hung up.

2. Employee feedback is key.

Focus on the common consensus through feedback from employees.

A good way to learn what challenges face your company, workflow, or engagement is to use anonymous , non-invasive polls to learn what makes them frustrated or excited.

Analysis and execution on these findings is just as important however. Use the findings to help create and foster a platform of trust and response to issues where employees feel their opinions are a valued part of the organization and make changes where change is needed.

3. Encourage team building.

A good way to foster a positive work environment is through team building exercises that naturally encourage people to work together, and go out of your way to make them fun.

One way you can do this is by assigning people to work together to plan the games that will be played at a holiday party or company picnic.

4. Offer insightful job training.

Do not just throw new employees into their jobs on day one. Without the proper training they cannot be expected to know all of your company’s processes and procedures.

Encourage and enable people to become role models for new employees at the company.

5. Anticipate, innovate and dream.

The most successful companies are those that challenge employees and partners to think beyond the norm and foster innovation.

A good way to encourage people to go above and beyond is by offering rewards for exemplary achievements, and encouraging people to try new things.

If the employees receive a reward it proves that their hard work is appreciated.

6. Stay motivated.

Be spontaneous and offer something unexpected every once in a while that will be appreciated by all the employees.

These can be powerful motivators so long as they are not over-used to the point where spontaneity wears thin and gives way to expectation.

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09 Apr 2014


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