Motor Insurance

Private Motor Insurance



Peace of mind protection for you and your car


Last updated: 26 Sep 2014

Private Motor Insurance

Peace of mind protection for you and your car

Motor insurance is a security provided by an insurance company to the owner and / or driver of a motor vehicle against claims for damages and / or loss caused by the insured vehicle while being used on a public road.

With our all-embracing motor insurance, you can be sure all of your vehicles are in safe hands – whether they are classic collector’s items, luxury cars, performance cars or something more modest and everyday.

As you would expect, our policy includes a range of attractive additional protection that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Xplico offers three choices of cover

Third Party (TPO)

Third Party – covers your liability for the death or bodily injury of a third party (including other occupants of your car) and your liability for damage to third party vehicles and other property.

Third party only cover will simply insure you in the event that you cause damage to other vehicles, persons, or property in an accident. It will not cover any damage to you or to your vehicle. It is however the minimum level of cover that you need to drive on Kenyan roads; having this in place is a legal requirement.

Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT)

Third party, fire and theft cover will pay out to cover the cost of claims made by third parties involved in an accident in the same way, but still will not cover damage to you or your car sustained in an accident. However it does have the added provision of covering the complete loss and any damage to your car caused by fire or theft.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Xplico offers Comprehensive Motor Insurance to Private Cars and Commercial Vehicles. Private Cars include cars for private use or business use whereas Commercial Vehicles include vehicles with only “C” Permit (Carriage of own goods) pickups or vans up to three (3) tons carrying non-hazardous goods.

A step up from the basic protection offered by third party, fire and theft cover is fully comprehensive car insurance. This covers any damage sustained by you, your car, and any third parties involved in an accident, fire or theft.