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Be it small or large, your commercial vehicle is precious to you.


Last updated: 01 Apr 2014

Commercial Motor Insurance

Be it small or large, your commercial vehicle is precious to you.

That’s why at Xplico Insurance we provide insurance quotes for a wide range of commercial vehicles.

So whether you drive a crew cab, pickup or even a tipper, take a look at the links below and start your journey to insuring your van.

Today most businesses rely on their own private transport, usually in the form of fleet cars. These vehicles can be used by multiple employees, often for long distance travel and to remote areas, increasing the likelihood of damage, loss or theft.

Xplico commercial motor insurance has been designed to minimise disruption to these business, specifically for these occasions. We also provide financial protection against vehicle-related property damage, towing costs, re-delivery, theft recovery costs and many other liabilities.

So, whether you own a car or an entire fleet of cars, trucks, or even earthmoving equipment, we have a policy that can be tailored for your individual business needs. Simply choose from comprehensive, third party or own damage cover.